2022 Best Sheet Metal Shearing Machine Manufacturer

Jan 17, 2022

By 2021, the global shearing machine market will grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of about 3%. One of the main driving forces of this market is the increase in demand for metal products. Metal shearing is an important machine used to cut or bend metal plates. The growing demand for metal products in the global construction and transportation machinery industry has promoted the growth of the global metal products market.

To get the best shears, you must choose the right shearing machine manufacturer. On the next page of this section, we provide a list of the most popular shears manufacturers for your reference.



Cincinnati is one of a handful of U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturers, and have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over 100 years of operation. From their modern 500,000-square-foot plant and technical centre on an 80-acre campus near Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati engineer and build our Laser Cutting Systems, Automation, Press Brakes, Shears, Powder Metal Presses, and Additive Manufacturing, to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market – with premium engineering features that stand up to years of rigorous use in demanding environments.



Piranha was founded in 1974 and mainly produces ironwork. Its manufacturing history can be traced back to 1879. Their Bertsch brand is world-renowned and is an innovative manufacturer of heavy metal rolling equipment.

Their WA Whitney brand dates back to 1907 and is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of fiber optic LASER cutting machines, plasma tables, and plasma/stamping combined technology for sheet metal manufacturers.



Half a century ago, JMT established a well-known organization in 1967 and began to establish their reputation in the field of metal processing. The company is engaged in the marketing, sales, service and support of metal processing equipment and material processing products in Intermountain West.

In order to provide customers with a more flexible and higher-quality machine tool product line to meet their most demanding needs, they also conducted extensive research and then contacted the world’s best metal processing equipment manufacturers, including the world’s largest Rolls for bending machines and steel plate manufacturers – manufacture machines that meet our specifications in accordance with JMT labels.



ACCURL has an annual production capacity of 2,000 machines, built in their 45,000 square meters production facility, and is the world's largest sheet metal machine production company. With 29 years of manufacturing experience in the industry, nearly 30,000 machines have been sold in 92 countries/regions around the world. The main product categories: bending machines, hydraulic shears, laser cutting machines and punching machines.



Anhui LIFU Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a design, development, production and sales of an integrated company. Our main development direction is producing different CNC machineries to realize of mechanical automation. Focus on R&D in technology, and have a complete R & D team, a total of 16 senior engineers for design, drawing, optimization, etc.



If you want to buy high-quality shears, it is important to choose a manufacturer. You must find a good manufacturer to provide you with professional shears and solutions. Contact us immediately to meet your needs.
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Durmark is a design, development, production and sales of an integrated company. Our main development direction is producing different CNC machineries to realize of mechanical automation.

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Durmark is a design, development, production and sales of an integrated company

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